Before Starting an Internet Business

Before getting into the step-by-step process, I would like to give an overview of where this is going.  In the most basic form:

  • Set up a web site that is very flexible with linking to all the detailed sites.
  • Use keywords in the site to attract search engine’s attention. This is the most important part of setting up any web site.
  • Get and set up tools to automatically handle a large volume of responses
  • Use tools to increase the web sites position with search engines using blasters.
  • Promote the business by taking advantage of News Releases, Blogs, Submitting Ads, Submit E-zines, using Traffic Exchanges and sales channels like Craig’s List.
  • Expand the product line.  By now you should have purchased some tools.  All Internet tools can be marketed. Since you are paying for using them, why not add a link to the tool and make money on anyone who signs up for it.
  • Expand your business by hiring your own sales people.  YES your own sales team.  One can make more money having 10 people promoting your product, even if paying them half of your commission. You will have 5 times more income.

Steps in Starting an Internet Business

  1. 3 Ring Binder - Purchase a 3 ring binder and add section separators.  Use this to keep notes about the various Internet websites, user ID’s and passwords you will be using.  Label one tab “INTERNET” for this purpose.  The other sections can be labeled for the specific product or service being marketed or used.  This will help you when you are on the Internet and need to use a tool or program.  Everything will be together for fast reference.  From time to time make copies of the INTERNET section and store them in the same place.  That way, if something happens to the 3 ring binder, you will have the key information.

Another thing that I have found to be very helpful, is a word document on the desktop that is called “Links”.  One of the first things I do when I start my computer is to open this file and then minimize it.  That way it is ready anytime I find a link or even information that would be helpful for future reference.  

  1. Get a Generic Web Site – Set up a web sit that has a generic name.  Mine for example is  I can use it for any business on the internet.  There will be a description of each product you are promoting.  Within the description have a link to the specific web site about the product.  Have your email address listed so people can contact you easily.  You may start with a single product but you will be amazed at how this will expand when you start using the tools and promotional products available to you.  For now you want to get this web site up quicklyMore detailed descriptions and text will be added later.
  1. Domain Name  - Your Name  - For example my name is Roger Sindt therefore my domain name is  Then set up this domain to forward or redirect any inquiries to your main web site set up in item #2 above.  If your exact spelling is not available, try using your middle name or nickname.  You may also have to change the spelling or add something to make it unique.  It’s value may not be obvious.  I have use this domain many times in referring people to my site.  The best thing is it gives me a unique name that is easy for people to remember.  Any search on that name will bring people to my site.  The name should be used all over the internet, all web pages, blogs, and other internet promotions.
  1. Put Name on Printed Material – Put your new web site address and your name on all printed material.  Be sure to use the name used on the your domain in #3 above.
  1. Key Words – Now it is time to learn about key words.  Key words are words or phrases that people use for searching on the internet.  For every product or service there tends to be similar words used. Google for example, has tools that can be used to find keywords.  It will give a list of commonly used related words, graphs of search and website usage. The trick is to find words that have high search usage and low number of web sites that use it.  In effect, low competition and high demand. You can try the Google tools:

Or you can search on:

“free keyword finder”

to find a list of free tools to help you select the best keywords.  Google
and other sites have tutorials on how to find the best key words.  Therefore I will not go into detail here. I have found Google to be one of the better free tools.  Now write better or additional descriptions of the products using the keywords. Keep in mind the following:

    1. The first word in the title of the web site is the most important word in the web site.  Make sure it is a high volume keyword.
    2. Words used in the titles are weighted high (so make sure the html code is used to show your titles).
    3. The more you use a keyword the higher it’s ranking.
    4. Do not just put in keywords.  The crawlers are looking for content.  By listing keywords and repeating them over and over can get the web site banned from the search.

Also put requests for information that the customers can fill in with his name and email address. 

  1. Auto Responder – An auto responder is a program that sends emails to people on a distribution list.  The time between sending sequential emails is settable for each email.  This way you can write a series of letters and have them automatically sent by putting someone on the mailing list.  Most companies already have the letters that you can use.  The auto responder will keep track of which letter in the sequence was sent for each person on the list.  Therefore a new person added to the list will receive the letters starting with the first on the list.

An important fact is that studies have shown that the 7th time someone sees a new product is the most likely time they will purchase it.   Of course this number is different for different people.  The main thing is that most people have to see the product or service more than once before they make a purchase. You want to make sure that when they are ready to purchase, you are there. 

It is a fact that only about 15% of people who purchase something will purchase it during or as a result of a cold call. The rest purchase from people or businesses they know.  This means that for every person that you sold something to on a cold call, there were over 6 people who would purchase it from you once they get to know you. 

Another important fact is that if you dump all the information about your products or services onto the customer at one time, it will create overload to the person you are trying to sell to.  This is very counterproductive.  Therefore, divide up the information into smaller pieces and send them a piece a day.  This keeps you in front of your customer to a point that they get to feel they know you even though you have never communicated directly with them.  Once a customer is in that state of mind you will have a big advantage over everyone else.  At that point you still have to stay in front of them, because if they decide to purchase they have to know how to get in touch with you without a lot of hassle.  If they cannot easily find you they will go into the internet and search for the product and if your web site does not come up they will purchase from the first one that comes up. You did all the work and someone else got the business.

Butch Hamilton an expert on SEO recommends He said he likes it because it offers:
            Unlimited emails
            Unlimited numbers of businesses
            Costs $17 a month.
It can be set up so when someone fills in a request form, Trafficwave will kick in and start sending the emails.  It will also notify you so you know who is receiving the emails.  I am using it and encourage others to also.  Butch says he gets about 500 leads a day from it.  More than I do, but he has been in it for a lot longer then I have.  Also if you promote it and 2 people sign up under you, it will be free. 

  • Promote Your BusinessBefore promoting your business it would be good to find out how you are ranked.  Then promote your site and find out how your ranking improves.  A site that can be used for this is:

Just put in the phrase and website and it will tell you the ranking if within the top 50.
A word about pay-per-click.  Google has pay-per-click.  These ads will appear on the top or right side of the search results. You can try these but in general they are not worth the money.  The exception is where there is not much competition using pay-per-click.  You can put in a bid of $0.01 per click and get your ad on the first page.  You only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

The best product on the market for promoting your site is Veretekk.  I suggest going to the following link and sign up for their free silver membership.  This will give you the opportunity to see what it includes before spending any money.  They have a lot of classes covering every part of promoting your site and their tools that are second to none:
Then go to SIGN UP

There are a lot of ways to promote your site.  Do not be overwhelmed.  Start by taking as many free classes as you can.  Veretekk has submission tools for ads, ezines, and a blaster.  At this point the blaster is the easiest and fastest way to get your site higher in ranking.  It will cost $10/month but it is the best on the market and works.  The following web site may be helpful to get additional instructions on the tools.

Go to the end and register so you can gain access to the material.  Be sure you read how to do each of the promotions before you spend time on it.  You do not want to spend a lot of time writing fancy articles when no one reads them, so it is better to submit a series of keywords instead.

 Veretekk does have a fair amount of free tools to try out.  There are other tools available, some free, that can be used to promote your web site.  You can do an internet search for:

“free search engine optimization tools”

Many of these tools take time to work.  Do not expect major changes for 30 days.  One thing that is interesting and helpful is to put some tracking code into all of your web pages.  This code will tell you information about what and when web pages are being visited.  Once you have started promoting your site in various ways, it is nice to know which way is getting the best response. This can be found at the following link:


Another item that is very helpful and the search engines love is Ikarma at:
It is a program where you set up your personal profile.  A link can be added to your web page.  When people click on it, they can rate how valuable you are to them and see the accumulation of ratings from everyone before you.  People will have confidence in people who have high ratings.
Keep in mind that the more promoting you do, the higher your search ranking.  When promoting, always use the same keywords that you put in your web site titles and put them in the titles of your promotional material.  You should also put your name in all your material.  Remember your name is the only keyword that is yours. 
Ways of promoting:
            Create a blog that has links back to your web site
Submit news/press releases – These are sometime picked up by Google and other search engines and put in the news section where you will get a tremendous amount of exposure.
            Submit ads
            Submit articles to enzines – an enzine is an electronic magazine
            Sign up in one or multiple free traffic exchanges and surf them.
            Sign up for one or multiple free FFA’a
            Post ads on Craigslist and other free sites

  • Keyword based domain names – Now that you have a general web site and have started to promote it, go after selected market segments.  Take your primary product and by using keywords get some domain names.  In many areas it is not easy because a lot of people are also searching for a keyword specific domain name.  This will take some time but the key word specific names will bring that web site up to the top.  Once you have a name, create a website with links pointing to the general web site and to the product web site.   It does not have to be very big and fancy.  Get the main point across and link them to specifics. 
  • Create additional web pages-For every product you are marketing, create a page promoting the product.  Use lots of keywords a lot of times but keep the pages informative.  Use as many keyword phrases as titles as you can.
  • Expand Product Line – Almost all the tools you are using can be added to your general web site for sale.  Not many people will sign up but it does not take many if you have a number of products.