Go to: https://www.alertpay.com/en/Default.aspx




Once there click on ”Sign Up Now”




Start by clicking on “Personal Starter” You can always move up the ladder later.  Then click on “Next Step” at the bottom of the list.



Now fill in the information: 




This is the top half:


The above is the bottom half.  Now click on: “Next Step”


A few rules about filling this out.

1)     Never answer Password Recovery questions with legitimate answers.  Remember with the internet, almost any personnel question can be found out.

2)     For passwords always use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols (if possible)


I put all the information in a spreadsheet first then copy and paste into the fields.  That way you are guaranteed to have the information as it was used to set things up.


Top screen filled in.




Now fill in the code and do not forget the check box below the code before clicking on “Final Step”


Now open the email and click on the link they give.





You know have an AlertPay account.  Later you will want to go through the verification process to have a verified the account.